Teaching Groups

Sunday Fellowship

Join us at 3:40pm on Sunday afternoons for a time of sound teaching, uplifting fellowship, and a late afternoon tea. 

Communion is held on the first Sunday of every month. Gluten-free and Matzo bread offered, with other special diets covered by arrangement.

Deep-dive Thursday

A wholesome evening of fellowship and white tea hosted by Ian & Helen Wallbridge at 7pm each Thursday. Study everything from eschatology, to Christology and even comparative religion. 

For more information...

If you would like to join one of our midweek Bible studies, please email us and we will confirm destination. 

Online Wednesdays*

This Bible study focuses on "the books of the Bible" where we go through verse by verse, section by section of various Biblical books. We also have times where we do Q&A and special subjects of interest.

*Webcam and microphone required to participate

Pathway (young people)

Pathway is our Friday night group for children and young people to learn about the Word of God and grow both personally and spiritually.

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